TiTi PHAM Touch

Millennials in real estate

I'm lucky that I fell into the position of a busy realtor's personal assistant upon graduating from CU Boulder in 2012. With a background in Integrative Physiology, I had no clue how real estate worked. Growing up surrounded by technology and the mentality of always being on the go, I quickly learned the ropes of the industry and how to tackle it in my own way. I instantly found that working under one realtor was not keeping me busy enough, and moved to a new boutique brokerage as a transaction coordinator. Although it sounds like handling the businesses of twenty plus realtors sounds like it'd keep me occupied, I again found myself seeking more work. I'm proud to be a part of a generation that works quickly and efficiently, making the home buying process less tedious and instead, much smoother. 

real estate renovated 

Not only my development in the real estate process is remodeled. I also specialize in finding beat up properties and designing + restoring them to meet the market's demands and trendiest finishes. My eye for interior design and experience in construction management come in handy when helping buyers and sellers modernize their homes. From major interior guts, bathroom additions, and exterior refinishing, to more minor changes in backsplash and paint color, I can offer an expertise in home remodels as well as staying on top of the real estate market.